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Lisa Neville – Delivering for Bellarine

It’s her slogan:  Lisa Neville, Delivering for Bellarine.

She sure is.

But the delivering perhaps isn’t the kind of package you want to find at your front door.

Bundled up and tied securely are 12 new taxes with a message card inside to say there are more to come.

Great – more parcels at the door.

There is nothing surer because the election promises of her Labor leader and Premier, Daniel Andrews, have already surpassed the $100 billion mark and the election is still a month away.

That bill will only get bigger.

And to match it, your taxes will too. In fact, with the Victorian Treasurer Tim Pallas not ruling out tax increases, it’s as good a guarantee you’ll get.

Lisa Neville’s delivery service is quite a thing.

She has delivered a new city access tax for the West Gate Tunnel, delivered a tripling in brown coal royalties which has ultimately led to the surge in electricity prices and delivered increased stamp duty on new cars.

Great package.

It also includes an increase in the Fire Services property Levy and annual property valuations to increase land tax.

Well – for once – a Labor MP doing what they promise to do: delivering.  Lisa Neville is so good at it.  No doubt about it.

But wait there’s more.

Lisa Neville is not just a regular MP, she is a Minister with not one, but two portfolios.  Wow.  Hot to trot.  She must be really good.

So as Police Minister, let us see what she has delivered.

Why – it’s increased crime, fewer police walking the streets and youth offending at rates higher then ever before.

Lisa Neville has delivered a society that is afraid that someone is going to hurt them on the streets, at their workplace, at a train station, in their car or even in their own home – that place that used to be a sanctity for safety.

She has delivered criminals easy access to bail.

She has delivered to drug takers a venue to take their drugs at the expense of the community which falls victim to crimes which enable the drugs to be purchased, and crimes that result from the drug taking – violence, theft, ugliness.

She is likely to deliver a drug taking venue in Geelong.

Such a wonderful delivery service.

Let’s leave her Water portfolio to another day.

But perhaps to her greatest delivery – the parcel wrapped up in multiple layers of bubble wrap – lots of hot air and cushiness.

This is a parcel that contains Red Shirts and a note detailing how she and twenty of her Labor colleagues blatantly rorted taxpayers so they could win the last election.

That’s right.  A Police Minister – the supposed upholder of the law – thick in the mix of a scam.  The same Police Minister who expects you and I to uphold the law – but refuses to speak to police when she has done something wrong.

Aiding her rorting delivery in our region are fellow posties, and Labor Ministers, John Eren and Gayle Tierney.  They also love silence when it comes to being answerable for their significant roles in the Red Shirts disgrace.

So, there you go.  Delivering.

When the doorbell rings for a parcel drop next time, perhaps check who’s behind the door before opening.

Better still, cancel the delivery altogether.

You can do that on November 24th.