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Rorting Geelong-based Ministers should be sacked.

Three Geelong-based Victorian Government Ministers have been named in today’s Ombudsman’s Report into the Red Shirts rorting saga and should be sacked.

The Minister for Sport, John Eren, the Corrections Minister Gayle Tierney and the Minister for Police, Lisa Neville, are all named in the Ombudsman investigation into Labor rorting.

Liberal Member for Western Victoria, Simon Ramsay, said voters will be disgusted.

“Daniel Andrews also spent $1M of taxpayer’s money taking this to three different courts in an effort to hide the facts.

“Why should these MP’s keep their jobs when any other worker who steals from their employer would be sacked and face criminal consequences?”

“Victorians – and Geelong and Bellarine residents – will remember this at the November election. This is a bullying, rorting, stinking, incompetent Government.”