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Ramsay committed to palliative care promises

Liberal Member for Western Victoria, Simon Ramsay, began his tour of palliative care facilities in Western Victoria today, where he is looking at the needs of rural and regional palliative care services.

The first stop on his tour of Western Victoria’s palliative care services was North Geelong’s McKellar Centre where he spoke with Nurse David Corstorphan.

“I’m looking at the needs of rural and regional palliative care services as part of my commitment to improve palliative care funding for regional Victoria.” Mr Ramsay said.

A problem for rural palliative care facilities is staff confidence, which will improve with more training and more experience.

The McKellar Centre is Geelong’s largest palliative care facility, providing high-quality patient and family oriented care in their 15-bed unit.

“Being the region’s largest palliative care centre, it was a logical decision to begin my tour at the McKellar Centre”.

The Andrews Government agreed to $62 million in additional funding for palliative care over the next five years, including $19 million to be provided immediately, this is still well short of the coalition’s $140 million palliative care package.

In addition to funding, more education is needed to improve palliative care facilities throughout regional Victoria.

“With palliative care differing from traditional nursing more specific training is necessary to instil a level of confidence in our regional palliative care staff.”

Mr Ramsay is now ensuring the government commit to their palliative care promises and the implementation of a review board tasked with investigating palliative care funding across Western Victoria.

“We need to not only educate palliative care staff but also the public on what palliative care can do for them”. “I am committed to improving end of life care so that we can relieve the pain and suffering of those in their final days,” said Mr Ramsay.