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Ramsay calls on Roads not Ropes

Liberal Member for Western Victoria, Simon Ramsay, has slammed the Andrews Government’s decision to take out full-page ads while Western Victorian roads are falling to bits. The ads, defending the excessive spending with the installation of wire cable barriers would be better spent in investing in our roads and bridges.

“Instead of focusing on educating drivers about a wire rope barrier the Andrews Government should be investing in our roads and bridges to reduce road deaths”.

“While the Government is infatuated with corralling cars with wire ropes, they’re completely ignoring the big issue, being that rural roads are deteriorating before our eyes”.

Following Labor’s abandonment of the Country Roads and Bridges Program, now rural shires cannot afford upgrades or repairs to our rural roads, bridges and dangerous intersections.

“Despite the potholes and dangerously uneven surfaces littering Western Victoria’s road network, the Andrews Government refuses to listen to the concerns of thousands of Victorians and instead continues to placate city drivers.”

The full-page adverts which appeared in regional media this week cost taxpayers thousands and thousands of dollars.

“This is a disgraceful act of public spending; Victorian’s deserve a Government that listens to their concerns and acts upon them.”

“What we have is a Government that is all show and no substance, Mr Andrews needs to realise that taking out full-page ads to defend his excessive spending isn’t going to fix our roads or save any lives,” said Mr Ramsay.