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Petition launch at Law and Order Forum

A petition fighting for more police resources for Geelong and the Bellarine will be launched at a Law and Order Forum tomorrow.

Member for Western Victoria, Simon Ramsay, has initiated the petition.

“This petition resonates more now than ever.  I am sick of picking up the paper, or hearing on the radio and television, of daily incidents of violence, theft, and abuse of innocent people.

“The Andrews Government is not listening.  One could argue it doesn’t care – or simply doesn’t understand what this crime escalation is doing to community safety in our region,” said Mr Ramsay.

Over the past two years of the Andrews Government, the crime rate has increased by 20 per cent.

The petition will be launched at a Law and Order Forum at the SpringDale Neighbourhood Centre in Drysdale at 5.30pm tomorrow night (Thursday 15th June, 2017).

“Public gatherings like this happen because people are angry.  They are scared.  They want change.

“They want things to be done to make sure their families, including elderly parents and young children, are safe,” he said.

The petition – More Police, Tougher Sentencing, Tougher Parole and Bail Conditions – will ultimately be tabled in the Victorian Parliament.

“The petition calls for the Andrews Government to have more people actively working in our region, and for Government to get real about appropriate sentencing, and tougher parole and bail conditions.

“Last week’s ugly terrorism related matter at Brighton clearly demonstrates there are problems with the parole system.

“This Law and Order Forum and the petition are an opportunity for local people to make absolutely sure that they are having their say and it cannot be ignored by the Parliament.

“I encourage people to sign the petition and have their say,” Mr Ramsay said.