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More to Eideh’s Oman trip than business

Member for Western Victoria, Simon Ramsay, has questioned a Victorian Parliamentary trip to Oman and the United Arab Emirates.

The trip is being led by Labor MP Khalil Eideh – strongly believed to be in the middle of yet another ALP rorting scandal.

Mr Ramsay said Mr Eideh should not be heading on another taxpayer-funded overseas junket when he has serious issues and responsibilities he should be facing in Victoria.

“He is not fulfilling his role and responsibilities as Deputy President of the Legislative Council.

“His office is currently facing an audit by the Parliament of Victoria into alleged misuse of electorate funds.

“He has just returned from a Parliamentary Joint Committee overseas tour – during which he was refused entry into the United States due to his Syrian citizenship and two visits to Syria this year.

“He has been purposely vague about his previous trips to Syria.

“He premises the trip to Oman and the UAE as a business and trade opportunity – yet his advice to Parliamentarians is that it is at the invitation of the Oman Consul General to become familiar with business and legislation based on Sharia Law.

“I have great concerns even about the Oman Parliamentary Friendship Group and whether it is a good use of taxpayer’s funds given the sensitive feelings towards sharia law.

“Given he is under investigation by the Parliament, and has already made numerous trips to the Middle East – despite some quasi duties bestowed upon him by the Premier – he should be here to explain his role in the alleged rorting and do his role as Deputy President

“Khalil Eideh does not need another junket trip to visit friends and business acquaintances in the Middle East.

“Given he may not stand at the next election –  and has seemingly lost interest in representing his constituents in the Western Metropolitan Region – he should not get on the plane to Oman”.