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Labor playing politics with power

The Andrews Government’s decision to impose a 40 per cent Renewable Energy Target (RET) by 2025 has been described as absolutely reckless.

Liberal Member for Western Victoria, Simon Ramsay, said Victorians will pay even more for electricity.

“This will do nothing for the environment except pander to the political environment where Labor is being challenged in their inner-city seats by the Greens.  We are paying for Labor’s stoush with the Greens.

“The Premier clearly thinks RET stands for Re-Election Target.

“He really is playing power politics.”

Mr Ramsay said taxpayer dollars are being wasted on windfarms that can’t produce base load power.

“We have regional businesses, such as dairy farms, screaming out for 3 phase power and upgrades to transmission lines.  They can’t get this basic help.

“Electricity is supposed to be an Essential Service.

“The only people the Premier is essentially servicing with this crazy RET is his inner-city candidates”.

The power hike is affecting the viability of businesses already struggling under new government taxes.

“Dan Andrews Energy policy of more windfarms and solar panels – while locking up coal and gas base-load power – is leading to an energy crisis in this state.

“It defies logic to saddle the State with a RET that has no national support and will make Victoria uncompetitive.  It is politics at its worst,” he said.

Mr Ramsay said Victorians are being hit twice – through their own homes – and via public institutions.

“Taxpayers also pay the bills at hospitals, fire stations, ambulance stations, schools, police stations and local municipalities.  They are big bills getting bigger due to this environmental frolic with the Greens.

“It’s a frolic with severe consequences when it all goes wrong – and it will – aka South Australia.
“This madness has to stop and a sensible balance needs to be struck nationally between the use of our bountiful raw commodities and renewables in order to meet our international environmental agreements.

“Energy policy should be driven by rational scientific decisions instead of politics.  As Tony Wood from the Grattan Institute said this policy is a “nasty dogs breakfast ” with dodgy modelling.

“When it comes to next year’s election, I say – power to the people”.