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Labor a long way from delivering City Deal

Despite gloating about its funding for the Geelong Convention Centre, the Andrews Government is well-short of making the project happen.

Liberal Member for Western Victoria, Simon Ramsay, said Labor has committed some funding to the Geelong City Deal with no detail about which project, or projects, would receive the money.

The Government has given $139 million over four years, with just $10.8 million in the 2018-19 year.

“We don’t know where, or how, that money is going to be spent.

“Is it going to the Shipwreck Coast Master Plan toilets, the Convention Centre, city improvement works or other projects in the deal?

“In reality, the Conventional Centre may get absolutely none of that funding – in this year – or any year to follow.  And yet Labor is singing its own success about it’s commitment to the city.

“It is the vaguest, most non-descript funding promise I have ever seen – and Daniel Andrews is banking on Geelong residents blindly believing the rhetoric and applauding,” Mr Ramsay said.

Labor has also failed to fund the duplication of the South Geelong to Waurn Ponds line, despite the Federal Turnbull Government providing $150 million.

“The state is yet to commit a cent, and while it appears the business case is now done for the project, we know nothing of it.

“The current silence is almost as deafening as the silence on the relocation of the Geelong North stabling yards to Waurn Ponds.

“Four budgets on from announcing $115 million for the relocation, absolutely nothing has happened.

“This is the Labor Way.  Big announcement, jazz hands, brass bands, and then nothing.

“Given this is Labor’s modus operandi, Geelong residents can expect the same with the Convention Centre,” he said.

Mr Ramsay said the Andrews Government needs to detail how the City Deal money will be spent.

The Geelong Waterfront Safe Harbour project also requires another $3.5 million for completion.

“Until there is detail, the organisations involved in the City Deal projects – including the Federal Government – don’t know how to plan, fund and proceed.

“And you can bet with Labor involved, there will be devil in the detail when we finally get it”.