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Geelong Labor Ministers should front Select Committee

Liberal Member for Western Victoria, Simon Ramsay, is confident the Victorian Legislative Council will support a Coalition push for a Select Committee to further the Victorian Ombudsman’s investigation into Labor Party rorting.

The Victorian Parliament will return this week, the first sitting since last week’s release of the report which found Labor had rorted nearly $400,000 from Victorians.

“As the Australian Cricket team is well aware, people are rightly uncomfortable and disgusted with cheating and cheaters.

“Like Steve Smith, Labor’s leaders – including the three Geelong-based Ministers – should acknowledge their error and step down.

“The Ombudsman’s Report is only able to go so far, leaving space for the Legislative Council to pursue further details to determine exactly what happened in this scam.

“Victorians should know what really happened, who sanctioned it and who knowingly participated.”

The Minister for Sport and Member for Lara, John Eren, the Minister for Police and Member for Bellarine, Lisa Neville, and the Corrections Minister and Member for Western Victoria, Gayle Tierney, are all named in the rorters report.  The three refused to help the Ombudsman with her investigation.

“I have already called for their resignations.

“As a wonderful part of democracy, this Select Committee will be able to use the tools of the Legislative Council to drill down into the details that Labor desperately wants to hide.

“I look forward to participating either directly, or indirectly, with the Committee.

“To claim innocence in this matter, these Geelong Labor MPs are at best entirely disingenuous and at worst, heavily involved in a highly organised rort and cover-up,” Mr Ramsay said