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Eren farce over Lara goat farm

Liberal Member for Western Victoria, Simon Ramsay, has described Labor’s response to news that a proposed goat farm at Lara won’t go ahead as a `farce’.

“This was a case of people power at work, not the Labor Member,” said Mr Ramsay.

Member for Lara, John Eren, was quick to take credit for Nuchev’s decision to withdraw it’s planning application for the goat feedlot and processing plant in Lara, after VCAT cancelled the permit on Friday.

Nuchev’s plan for the 4,500-goat facility was originally approved by City of Geelong Administrators in 2016.  It was opposed by many residents worried it was too close to homes and posed a Q-Fever risk.

“John Eren had been sitting on the fence despite pleas from the Lara community to do something.”

“He was missing in action and locals know it.”

“In contrast, I met with local residents, stood beside them at a rally on the Town Hall steps, wrote to Council, raised the matter in Parliament and suggested to Nuchev they find a more appropriate location for their intensive goat farm with suitable buffers.

“John Eren was nowhere to be seen or heard during any of this.

“The final insult to the Lara community – and the shameless ego of the Member for Lara – was the letter he sent to Lara residents saying how hard he worked behind the scenes to achieve a good outcome for the community.  It is a brazen farce.”

“This was the Parliamentary representative who was too gutless to stand up and be counted when the community needed his advocacy,” said Mr Ramsay.

“Instead, he was busy making calls to his red shirt brigade to secure his numbers to win his seat in November.”

Mr Ramsay said Lara voters will see past Mr Eren’s posturing.

“Lara voters will see through his cheap veneer and remember that he rorted taxpayers to help get his hapless colleague, Lisa Neville, elected in Bellarine.”

Member for Western Victoria, Gail Tierney, was also part of the scam, misusing taxpayer’s money to the tune of $20,559.

“This is the guilty party. This latest sham of taking credit for an outcome he had nothing to do with demonstrates that he has no shame, and nor do his Labor colleagues.”