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Crime Statistics

Despite the crime rhetoric from the Andrews Government, the latest crime statistics show an increase in home invasions up by 48%, aggravated robbery is up 29.65%, crimes against a person are up 17.7%, assaults are up by 36.6% and motor vehicle theft up 10.2%.

Minister for Police and Member for Bellarine Lisa Neville has been trying to con the Greater Geelong and Bellarine communities that crime has reduced but statistics don’t lie.

In the Greater Geelong area, Christine Couzens own electorate, crime is up 24%, and in Lisa Neville’s own electorate, although she chooses not to live in it, crime is up 6.4% even with recent allegations that there was under reporting of crime incident categories.

Crime is up, assaults are up and home invasions are up.

The Police Minister is in constant denial about the law and order crisis in our communities, and with senior police on leave from Geelong Police command, the alleged ongoing interference from her into police under reporting of incidents and reported political interference of police members, Ms Neville’s police portfolio is in utter chaos.

Lisa Neville should step down immediately as Minister for Police while there is a current investigation into what’s going on in Geelong Police headquarters.