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Coalition conventional gas policy the sensible way forward

Liberal Member for Western Victoria, Simon Ramsay, has told the Victorian Parliament that a return to conventional gas exploration is the sensible way forward for energy policy in Victoria.

“The Andrews Government is forging a contrived, expensive and unreliable outcome that will only hurt this state.  Victoria will be left in the dark with big bills to pay,” Mr Ramsay said.

“In contrast, the Coalition policy enables a reliable, affordable energy supply”.

Mr Ramsay said the policy provides leadership to other Governments.

“It will provide base load power that will be crucial given the closure of the Hazelwood Power Station and the predicted early closure of the Yallourn Power Station – between them providing 44 per cent of Victoria’s power.

“You can’t just take that out and expect smooth sailing.  It’s scary and it’s crazy,” he said.

The Coalition gas policy enables nature pressure gas extraction determined on a case by case basis, with farmers’ veto rights and regard to social, environment and financial outcomes.

“A farmer or landholder will receive 10 per cent of the royalties for gas found under their property – a first for Australia – and a recognition of how vital this supply is.

“The gas found will be quarantined for use in Victoria – another first – securing the state’s ability to function – a vital component to any company invested here and looking to invest here.”

Mr Ramsay has condemned efforts to confuse the policy as a measure to introduce hydraulic fracking.

“I do not support fracking – the Coalition does not support fracking. It’s not our policy

“While Labor is busy trampling on people’s rights to achieve its own energy target – it is diverting attention by scaremongering in rural communities about fracking.

“This is Labor 101. It is deliberately inflammatory in an already sensitive electorate.

“Let’s remember the truth here – Labor is the only party to approve fracking permits in Victoria.

“The Coalition does not support the use of hydraulic fracturing in coal seams for gas extraction and never will,” he said.