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Australia Day

The words below were delivered as a Member’s Statement in the Parliament:

I can’t help wondering what our war veterans would have thought as they so gallantly defended the rights and freedoms of Australians – and Australian values – if they knew what was going to happen to those values within decades.

Would they have given their lives for a nation that would now condemn them?

The traditional values that made this nation great are under attack by those who think they are more educated, worldly or more socially aware.

Immigration is high in Australia and multiculturalism is warmly embraced, yet there appears to be an ongoing reluctance by some who choose to live in this country to embrace those traditional values.

By no means are all immigrants snubbing who we are, and nor are they the seed protagonists in this ugly, divisive, social engineering that is actually trashing the freedom of speech and respect they so demand others have of them.

We are now seeing this in Local Government.  Our deepest cultural values are being marginalised by the strong Socialist Left and Green dominated Councils of Darebin and Yarra.

Not recognizing Australia Day on January 26th – actively promoting same sex marriage policy –  and preventing our new immigrants from proper assimilation to our values and lifestyle – are a slow moving tidal wave that will eventually drown us if we don’t challenge this movement head on.

Our schools are under attack with social engineering curriculum being introduced under the guise of anti-bullying.  It is manipulating the next generation into a confused gender-neutral society that demands it is owed something.

As I sat with the Vietnam Veterans last Sunday in Queenscliff remembering the battle of Long Tan, I couldn’t help but wonder what they would think of this cultural knifing and demise.