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Andrews Government hides huge increase in Fire Services Levy

The Andrews Government needs to be honest with the Victorian public and reveal how much it intends to increase the Fire Services Levy (FSL).

The Levy is expected to skyrocket next year when a two-year cap is lifted.

“The Andrews Government is being very sneaky by having this cap lifted after the state election,” Mr Ramsay said.

“Labor is crowing about the cap, but it isn’t saying anything about how hard Victorians will be hit when the levy increases next year.”

Without the cap, the next scheduled increase would have been sent to letterboxes across the state in September, prior to November’s election.

“What we know is that the increase in the FSL is going to be huge.

“How else is the Government going to pay for the mates-rates deal it has in signed with the United Firefighters Union (UFU) – a deal to increase their pay by 19 per cent?”

Mr Ramsay said the FSL is expected to go up by at least 40 per cent – a figure that could be conservative.

“The increase could be well over $229 million – and it is going to hurt every property owner in the state.”

The FSL goes to paying for Victoria’s fire services –  it funds about 87 per cent of the MFB budget and about 77 per cent of the CFA budget.

“But given the new deal Labor has made with the union – there is no way the current levy will cover these huge cost and service demands.

“It means the levy must go up.

“Labor needs to tell the Victorian public what the bill will be.

“12 new taxes have already been imposed by the Andrews Government and the cost of living skyrocketing.

“It’s only fair Victorians know how much more Labor is going to cost them when they vote later this year.”