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About the Liberals


Founded by Robert Menzies in 1944, the modern Liberal party was established to provide a high-quality government that enables its people to solve the major challenges they face.

A Liberal government means, amongst many things, secure streets, better public transport, better hospitals, and higher quality education. As Liberal governments have better forward planning for water and power, they can empower local communities to deal with localised issues, while creating more opportunities for regional and rural Victorians.

Ultimately, a Liberal government provides a better-managed economy, which encourages business large and small, ensure rewards for private enterprise and risk-taking, leading to more jobs, and lower taxes due to sound financial management.


Our Values

The Liberal Party believes the most important measure of a society is the extent to which it acknowledges the inherent worth and dignity of each individual and the right for each person to manage their own lives and determine their own destiny. In doing this, we recognise that all people are different which is why a Liberal government makes fair and equal laws that empower people and allow everyone to realise their full potential.

The primary values and ideas that have motivated Liberals and Liberal governments are:

  • A belief in the equal rights and dignity of every person – equal rights and equal responsibilities for all Victorians.
  • An idea that people should be free to pursue their values and control their own lives, so long as they do not harm others.
  • That Government exists to protect the rights and dignity of the individual and to establish a framework of laws and institutions which empowers the individual.
  • That people should be encouraged to do their best, to realise their potential, and receive recognition for their achievements.
  • Freedom of speech and respect for others provides the best guarantee that true ideas will replace false ideas, that beneficial policies will replace harmful policies, and that inefficient systems will be corrected.

The Liberal Party is a volunteer party open to any person who believes in Liberal values and who would like to participate in the government of Victoria and Australia. If you support our values and would like to contribute to a positive future,  then volunteer or become a liberal party member today.