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Time for Labor to offload the CFMEU

Dear Editor

The ugly words by the Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union’s (CFMEU) boss, John Setka, at a rally last week leave me pondering just how low this union will go.

Mr Setka threatened Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) inspectors, telling them to “…be careful what you do”.

Leading Labor MP’s have distanced themselves from the comments, repudiating and dissociating.

Disappointingly, the Victorian Labor Leader, Premier Daniel Andrews, did neither of those things.  He only suggested that it was not appropriate to bring people’s families into such a debate.

He made no comment about the ugliness of the commentary, or of its threatening nature.

Mr Setka and the CFMEU are well known to the courts.

The Federal Justice Minister Michael Keenan told Skynews on Thursday,22nd June 2017, that “The real problem is this union is at the heart of the Australian Labor Party’.

He also said “…they are also very significant donors to the Labor Party”.

The ALP can look stunned and horrified in front of the cameras about Mr Setka.

But who is Daniel Andrews fooling?

The CFMEU really does put its money where its mouth is.

It has donated more than $3 million to the Victorian ALP since 1998.

If it is genuine, the ALP will cut all ties to this union and its money.

Now that would be disassociating itself.