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The public price of Labor’s power

Dear Editor

I watch this week with great anxiety as the shutdown of the Hazelwood Power Station begins.

Its closure will cut 22 per cent of Victoria’s electricity production and one thousand jobs.

Already businesses are reporting 30-50 per cent increases in power bills.

These are the obvious outcomes.

But what is less known is the real cost of the power price hike to the people of Victoria.

The Andrews’ Government has not told the public what the additional costs will be to run public facilities, local councils and institutions.

Places like hospitals, police stations, State Government offices, schools – publicly run places – they too will have to pay bigger bills.  And that means the taxpayer.

So – residents will be hit twice for this – paying their own bills and paying for the hikes that government-run institutions will also pay.

It may be a hidden cost now – but it won’t be for long.  Just watch the Budget.

Local Council’s already stressed about a 2.5 per cent cap on rate increases will be sweating.  So, too, volunteer-run organisations like Surf Life Saving, Girl Guides and sporting clubs.

Can you imagine a small country football-netball club affording the cost of lights for training during winter? Fundraising will now be directed towards paying for the Premier’s expensive power.

Daniel Andrews is too busy chasing the South Australian energy `dream’ that now resembles a nightmare.

I want to know if the Premier has done his homework on this. What is it going to cost the public purse for Labor’s ideological whim?

Victorians need to start asking questions – either way, they pay.