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Supporting Cr Stephanie Asher

Dear Editor

I strongly support Councillor Stephanie Asher in her decision to nominate as a Liberal candidate for Western Victoria Region.

Cr Asher as well as being a City of Greater Geelong Councillor is active in many other leadership roles across Victoria and has been hugely successful in working with Susan Alberti in writing her very interesting trail-blazing story titled ‘The Footy Lady’.

Why the Geelong Advertiser or anyone else would question the rights of Cr Asher to pursue a political career, either state or federal, either as an independent or as member of a preferred political party is beyond me.

The fact that she stood as an Independent at the last local council election in October 2017 and sought pre-selection for a seat at state election, given my early retirement, does not compromise her role as a Councillor nor change the morals or values that she held when seeking local government election support.

Many people who had leadership roles take different directions in their career pathways and they should be supported in those endeavours.

I strongly encourage Cr Asher to ignore the unfounded criticism to her right in pursing her political career when the opportunity arises and encourage her to continue to do the great work she has been doing in representing her community and advocating for the Geelong region.

I sincerely hope Cr Asher continues her very important work as a Bellarine Ward Councillor for the City of Greater Geelong and I wish her success with any future plans she may choose in securing any leadership roles that become available to her.

I have no doubt that the community will benefit enormously from her representation and appointments.