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Nothing wrong with Thomas the Tank Engine

Dear Editor,

It would seem that Victoria’s education agenda is all about gender.  Or more accurately no gender.  The agenda is no gender at all.

This week, we woke to news that the left-wing social police are rummaging through schools, kindergartens and public libraries to remove any books that refer to boys and girls – books like Thomas the Tank Engine.  They will surely find other dangerous literary classics too.

This audit is based upon research by the Australian National University that young children are influenced by gender stereotyping.

Problem is, our world is made up of boys and girls, men and women.

We couldn’t have made it this far in the world if it weren’t for boys and girls becoming men and women.  Evolution has brought us this far on the basis that both sexes recognise each other as such.

Girls will be girls and boys will be boys – and there is nothing wrong with that.

What is wrong, is that this inward looking socialist Safe Schools agenda is dumbing down our education system.  Instead of learning the Three-Rs – students are learning that we are all the same and can’t be celebrated, or respected, for our differences.

Difference and inclusiveness are what we should be celebrating.

We celebrate the differences in cultures, in language, in religions.  We are not all the same and nor do we want to be.  We also celebrate what unites us – our humanity – our time on this earth together – our efforts to make it a better place.

Billions of dollars more are now being spent on our education system in Victoria.  The result?  Confused teachers, lower standards and more bureaucrats.

Victoria’s students are falling behind the rest of the world – dropping from 4th in the world for reading to 16th, from 11th in maths to 25th and from 8th in science to 14th.

The education curriculum is cluttered – and increasingly cuckoo –  courtesy of the gender agenda.

The most important thing students need to learn at school are reading, writing and arithmetic. Despite a changing world – they remain key to students’ success