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Low blow – even from Labor Supporter

Dear Editor,

Your last edition included a Letter to the Editor from Norm Buckley, a Labor Party member.

Given that, it is not surprising he chose to personalise the Liberal pledge to spend $1 million to upgrade a very dangerous intersection in Ocean Grove.

Locals know how dangerous the intersection is and have rightly fought for the funding.

I was part of the recent funding announcement and proudly so.

But Mr Buckley clearly thought I shouldn’t have been.

I stand accountable for my actions as a Member of Parliament.

But I note Mr Buckley failed to mention his local Labor Member of Parliament in Police Minister, Lisa Neville, who is under criminal investigation by the Police Fraud and Extortion Squad for allegedly rorting the Victorian Parliament.

Sports Minister, John Eren, is another local Labor member also facing that same investigation.

Both have refused to be interviewed by police.  Both want to answer via a questionnaire.  Both clearly think they are above the law that every other Victorian must abide by.

Both have failed to be accountable.  Neither has stood down from their Ministerial roles, or from the Parliament.  They want locals to vote them in again.

Perhaps if Mr Buckley wants to write about a failure of standards, accountability and good examples for others, he should turn his pen to his own party.

He would have plenty to write about.