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Library rally

Dear Editor,

It was a clear demonstration of people power that achieved a stay of execution for the closure of the Highton, Chilwell and Barwon Heads libraries over the weekend.
I, like 300 others, attended the Barwon Heads Rally on Sunday.

It was pleasing to see bipartisan support from all walks of life to demonstrate – with passion, enthusiasm, hard work and unity of purpose – the importance these community libraries have to the soul of a living, breathing community.

It was equally pleasing to see the City of Greater Geelong Administrators – Dr Kathy Alexander, Laurinda Gardner and Peter Dorling – listen to the concerns of these library communities and enable further investigation into how the libraries may better service their communities.

This paper accurately reported my comments at the rally about Mr Dorling.  My comments were inadvertently incorrect and poorly expressed.  I have always found Mr Dorling to be an open, honest and accessible administrator with whom I have had numerous fruitful discussions.
I don’t question the need for the City of Greater Geelong to investigate how it can better utilise its assets.

However, full consultation with the communities involved will provide the best understanding of their future needs.

The rally has played an important role.

I am sure the Administrators now fully appreciate the community’s angst.

I’m also sure the communities understand the administrators desire to make the right decision.