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Good decision by Geelong Advertiser

Dear Editor

The term ‘innocent until proven guilty’ is well known and respected by all.

This term also applies to the three young men charged with the rape of a 14-year-old girl in 2015 in St Alban’s Park and whose court case for those charges was dropped last week.

As such, we will never have the alleged victims story told.  And we will never know the innocence or guilt of the accused.  Neither side has been tested by the court.

But we do understand this.

As decent human beings, we instinctively know right from wrong.  It is why the reaction to the story of the accused’s efforts to get cash-for-comment was so strong.

We are right to be angry.

We are also right to be grateful to the Geelong Advertiser for exposing this type of cash-grab in what are very ugly circumstances.

The media don’t always get this correct.

I genuinely thank the Geelong Advertiser for erring on the side of decency and respect – to the alleged victim and your readership.

(Published in the Geelong Advertiser: Friday 3rd March, 2017.)