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Geelong residents will remember planning promises

Dear Editor,

When Victorian voters go to the polls next year, I hope they remember the promises ‘Only Labor’ made in 2014.

If so, they will know that already many of these have been broken.

Geelong residents will recall the election antics of then Labor candidate, and now Member for Geelong, Christine Couzens.

We remember well, her mighty scare campaign that a Liberal Government would allow skyscrapers to be built in Geelong West.

Remember the billboards with pictures of towering residential developments dwarfing humble, charming, leafy, loved neighbourhoods?  Remember Ms Couzens warning us of such bad things?

Well, skip ahead to March 2017, and what has the Member for Geelong and her Labor comrades done?

They have flung the doors open to high-density, three-storey development in the very neighbourhoods she vowed to protect from such nastiness.  And in many cases, they have reduced the green-space, or garden, required per block.

The Plan Melbourne refresh document released this month by Ms Couzens’ Labor Government strikes at the heart of our local communities and does exactly what they said they wouldn’t do.

And they have done with without consultation, or it would seem, care.

Well, the people of Geelong do care.  They care very much.

I hope they care when they vote in 2018.