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Australia Day

Dear Editor

Australia Day January 26th is a day of unification for all Australians.

It is a day to recognize and take pride in the way the nation has matured.  It celebrates new migrants and our commitment to the history, and future, of Australia’s Indigenous people.

Like all nations, Australia has a pitted past of memorable and forgettable events – neither a reason to dump our national day.

The Greens Party is deep into dangerous territory by trying to create division, derision and animosity within Australia by seeking to change the date to a day that better reflects the troubled Indigenous experience from 1788. They want to rewrite history.

The Greens Party’s Geelong City Councillor, Sarah Mansfield, is indicating she won’t attend civil duties on that day as a form of protest.

With the greatest respect to Ms Mansfield, I am not sure that she will be overtly missed.  But she will no doubt be satisfied she has complied with the ugly demands of her leader Richard Di Natale.

Of course, she is paid to carry out her civic duties. How will she spend taxpayer’s money that day?

Aboriginal people don’t all agree with the calls for change.

Alice Springs Councillor and indigenous women, Jacinta Price, told 3AW radio (16/01/2018) that the message is not coming from remote Australia – but from the inner-city – and a divisive Di Natale.

She draws the comparison with Anzac Day – with Turks and Australians standing together in memory, forgiveness and hope for the future together – closer and stronger.

As per countries all over the world, a National Day is to recognize history and look to the future with hope, friendship and a commitment for improvement.

Changing the date or the name does not change history.

We have said Sorry.  We spend billions every year for indigenous advancement.

Australia Day on the 26th of January celebrates all that we are and all that we want to be.