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Frost damage fallout

About ten weeks ago, Western Victorian farmers woke to devastation. It wasn’t an overnight mouse plague, or a cyclone, brutal hail, floods or fire. Heavy frosts had landed on the region.  Crops wilted and farmers rightfully wailed. The true impact of that devastation is now...
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Australia Day

Dear Editor Australia Day January 26th is a day of unification for all Australians. It is a day to recognize and take pride in the way the nation has matured.  It celebrates new migrants and our commitment to the history, and future, of Australia’s Indigenous people. Like...
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Consequences and the Minister

I have a calendar on my desk with a new saying for every day. A recent one said “Study the consequences all the time”. It’s a good one.  But there was one word that stood out – consequences. It made me think what that word meant to a young farm boy, decades ago. Certainly, if I...
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